Jack Harkness


Male, Age: early to mid-thirties

STR:10 DEX:5 INT:16 Idea: 80

CON:12 APP:16 POW:13 Luck:65 p. SIZ:16 SAN:65 EDU:17 Know:85

Sanity Points: 65

Magic Points: 13 p. Hit Points: 14 p. Damage Bonus:+1d4

Occupation: ex-military officer, private investigator, wealthy gentleman

Skills: (Accounting: 45) (Bargain: 50) (Credit Rating: 70) (Fast Talk: 40) (Listen: 50) (Locksmith: 65) )Navigate: 55) (Persuade: 85) (Psychology: 60) (Track: 45)

Weapon Skills: (Fist/Punch: 60) (Handgun: 75)

Languages: (English: 85)


Jack Harkness retired military gentleman

Jack Harkness, former captain of squadron 133 of the Royal Air Force, a volunteer force of American pilots who had gathered shortly before the end of the war. Since retirement, Harkness has resided in London.

Incredibly handsome, Harkness has the penchant to flirt with whomever he meets, and is able to fast-talk, as it is rumored, both ladies and gentlemen into giving up information, or even a spot in their bed.

Jack Harkness

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