Arthur J. Smedley



Age: 23

STR:10 DEX:12 INT:14 Idea: 70 CON:12 APP:15

POW:15 Luck:75 SIZ:11 SAN:75 EDU:17 Know:85

Sanity Points: 75 Magic Points: 15 Hit Points: 12 Damage Bonus:0

Occupation: Author, Biographer

Skills: (Climb: 70%) (History: 75%) (Library Use: 89%) (Listen: 85%)

(Mechanical Repair: 60%) (Occult: 75%) (Persuade: 79%) (Psychology: 50%)

Languages: (English – Native: 85%) (German: 49%)


Arthur Smedley was born on a Nebraska farm to German immigrants Klaus and Frieda Smedley. Terminally shy, Arthur grew up away from people of any sort besides his parent who were certain he was mute until the age of 13 when a professor hired to teach the boy sign language had discovered there was nothing physically wrong with him at all. Arthur worked the fields and tinkered with all the various farm machinery eventually becoming quite an adept mechanic. His one true wish was to become a writer of fictional novels like his hero Mark Twain. Unfortunately, Arthur was one of the most horrible writers in the history of literature. However, he spent every spare minute he had either reading books or writing his own. At the age of 22 he’d completed his first novel and decided to run away from home with it to New York City for publishing. He stole money from his parents (fully intending to pay it back with money earned from his work) for a train ticket and off he went. On the train he had a chance meeting with the world famous writer J.C. Winterset Barnaby who was also on his way to New York with his latest manuscript. In Iowa the train was robbed by bandits who killed many of the passengers including J.C. Barnaby. In the confusion Arthur acquired Mr. Barnaby’s attaché case containing his manuscript. Once in New York he attempted to give it to Mr. Barnaby’s publishing house, explaining that it was indeed J.C. Winterset Barnaby’s novel. Unfortunately, or indeed fortunately, the agent he met accredited the work to Arthur and try as he might to get him to understand the truth, his quiet nature prevented him from being heard properly. Thus, J.C. Winterset Barnaby’s masterpiece to end all masterpiece’s “The Sprained Weather Not Withstanding”, made Arthur Smedley an overnight sensation. He turned in his own work to follow this up. His agent told him he accidentally burned it and asked if he could write something else, perhaps more in the vein of The Sprained Weather. Arthur was devastated especially since his agent accidentally burned his only copy of the book he’d worked on for the last ten years. Then, just as Arthur was about to begin writing his first novel over from memory he received a telegram from the famed Englishman H.R. Graeham who had just finished reading “The Sprained Weather Not Withstanding” and offered him a fortune to be his personal biographer. A ticket of passage on an ocean liner had already been booked and Arthur felt it was bad form to turn it down. So, off he went where he’s been following around the eccentric Brit for the last few months. (As an aside, Arthur Smedley does not have a middle name, but he felt the J made his name sound more literary)

Arthur J. Smedley

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