Ivan Davchenko



Age: 36

STR:16 DEX:9 INT:16 Idea: 80 CON:12 APP:13

POW:15 Luck:75 SIZ:9 SAN:75 EDU:20 Know:99

Sanity Points: 75 Magic Points: 15 Hit Points: 11 Damage Bonus: +1d4

Occupation: Footman/Butler

Skills: (Conceal: 75%) (Drive Auto: 48%) (Locksmith:75%)

(Occult: 55%)(Spot Hidden: 75%) (Track: 75%)

Weapon Skills: Handgun: 75%

Hand-to-Hand Skills: (Fist/Punch: 89%) (Grapple: 75%)

Languages: (Russian – Native: 99%) (English 50%)


Born Ivan Karpov (cir 1887?) presumably from Orenburg, Russia, much of Ivan’s childhood life is unknown other then the fact that his entire family died of starvation during the Russian Famine of 1891-2. As a five year old Ivan walked the hundreds of kilometers to Moscow with others ravaged by the famine. He grew up on the streets of Moscow taken in by a kindly old man (Brunovon Davchenko) who was, by trade a locksmith. Ivan learned this ability from his adopted father and went into the family business. In 1905 he and the elder Davchenko marched in the peaceful demonstration of what became known as the ‘Bloody Sunday Massacre’. Brunovon was killed by military forces while Ivan suffered a bullet wound in the upper thigh which affects his dexterity to this day. (Note* There is another story that suggests Ivan just happened to be at the march and was shot while looting the elder Davchenko’s dead body (never having met the man prior) . When discharged from the hospital he used the man’s keys and ID to take over his profession, setting himself up as the Davchenko’s adopted son. Neither this nor the official story can be corroborated). By 1914 due to a small amount of fame caused by his being wounded and surviving the Bloody Sunday Massacre Ivan became an associate and confidant of Vladimir Lenin. It is unclear what part he took in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Reports suggest (*unsubstantiated) that he was among those who stormed the Tsar’s palace and murdered Nicholas II and his family. From 1917 to 1922 Ivan was a higher up in the Cheka. His main objective was to infiltrate and subdue any and all political opposition couched in the realms of the occult. In 1922 the Cheka was dissolved. Due to a dispute with new GPU (secret police) leader Mikhail Trilisser (he purportedly had an affair with the man’s wife) he was not asked to join the new organization. Unable to receive support from his friend Lenin due to the fact that the dictator was very sickly (he would suffer a series of strokes that year which left him mute and bedridden for the rest of his life), Ivan left for England where a chance encounter with Herodotus Graeham led to a job as head footman.

Ivan Davchenko

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