Herodotus Romulus Graeham IV



Age: 66

STR:9 DEX:9 INT:16 Idea: 80 CON:12 APP:14

POW:17 Luck:85 SIZ:13 SAN:85 EDU:22 Know:99

Sanity Points: 85 Magic Points: 17 Hit Points: 11 Damage Bonus:0

Occupation: Independently Wealthy Retired Taxidermist/Dilettante

Skills: (Art-Taxidermy: 70%) (Astronomy: 51%) (Biology: 51%) (Chemistry: 51%)

(Credit Rating: 75%) (Fast Talk: 75%) (History: 70%) (Photography: 60%) (Ride: 60%)

Weapon Skills: Shotgun: 75%

Languages: (English – Native: 99%) (Arabic: 51%)


Athlete, Warrior, Hero, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Negotiator, Philanthropist, Taxidermist.

Herodotus Romulus Graeham (pronounced Gray-Ham) IV has run the gamut. Born in Windsor, Berkshire, England in 1857 to General HR Graeham III and his Viennese wife Archduchess Gisela Louise Marie. Herodotus, or Herry as he became known by adoring fans world wide was a dashing and athletic young man who excelled at cricket and squash. He was a part of the first ever Test Match for the British team against Australia in Melbourne in 1876-77. Returning home he entered the British Royal Forces as a Captain and fought with distinction in The First Boer War 1880-81. By 1890 he had achieved the rank of Colonel and retired with full honors. Herry was involved in a series of scandals with influential young women of London’s high society throughout the 90’s and because of these was forced to leave England for a time. He sailed to America in 1902 and settled in California becoming active in Vaudeville with a troupe he put together and ran from1904-08. In 1909 he disbanded his troupe against the stolid protest of all his financial advisors to invest in the new and untested Cinema Industry. His studio HRG was the second one built in Hollywood after the Selig Polyscope Company and quickly became a huge success affording him near royal status throughout America. It was during this time that the excesses of his lifestyle caught up with him. He ballooned in weight and his lusty appetites for food, wine, and women caused him all sorts of physical problems. Herry enlisted the aid of several doctors to help buoy his health. By 1914 at the age of 57 mere weeks before the opening shots of World War I Herry sold his company and all it’s shares and moved back to his native England where he spent the war days in British intelligence. Much of what he did is unknown except for the fact that he helped solicit America’s involvement in the War. Supposedly it was Herry himself who’s talks with President Wilson caused the United States to join the Allied Powers. By 1918 Herodotus had retired to a quiet bachelors life spending most of his time giving to charity and supporting philanthropic activities at home and abroad. By 1920 he became known again throughout the world for his amazing creations in Taxidermy. Said the famous newspaper journalist Burt Kravich in 1921, “Anyone who’s anyone has a Herry mounted on his wall”. One of his earliest Taxidermist works was for Dr. Julius Arthur Smith and a friendship evolved shortly thereafter as the Doctor sparked Herry’s interest in the occult. These days Herodotus goes nowhere without his entourage which includes his Russian footman Ivan Davchenko, a diminutive shadowy figure who does all manner of jobs, his French doctor Henri LaPadite, who works feverishly to keep Herry upright, and his personal biographer the American Arthur Smedley. His latest press clipping notes that Herry Graeham will be in London for the Challenger Trust Banquet Lecture in early May.

Herodotus Romulus Graeham IV

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